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BSS Interiors – Home

About BSS Interiors

An established and experienced family owned construction company have grown a new arm to their business and can now offer an extensive range of stylish office furniture, creating spaces to inspire and motivate your staff.


Project Outline:

A completely new website is needed with domain registration, website hosting and emails.

The website style and colours need to follow the branding of our logo and I’ll show you some leaflets that we had printed that we like as a guide.

We don’t want a regular shopping style website with thousands of small product images, we want large full screen images with the ability for customer to get in touch for more details.

It’s all about the display, I can’t state it enough, they should be big and impressive!

Additionally we would like all the regular information that people have come to expect such as an about us page, some testimonial or case studies highlighting som of the work we have already completed.

A contact page so that people can get in touch with us, that includes a map and our address and details.

We don’t have any social media and you may need to create some as we move forward.

Content Includes:


BSS Interiors - Home
BSS Interiors – Home

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BSS Interiors - Categories
BSS Interiors – Categories

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BSS Interiors – Desking

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BSS Interiors – Breakout Areas

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BSS Interiors - Products
BSS Interiors – Products


BSS Interiors - Contact
BSS Interiors – Contact

“Everything is exactly how i wanted it to be, it’s gorgeous! I love it! Great service.”

Carole Livesey – Sales Manager