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When COVID really kicked into full force back in March 2020, Sean Ryan decided to create a Facebook group that would enable him to help those who were unable to go shopping. This grew in popularity to the extent that it needed a dedicated website to handle the incoming orders and is the result.


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Project Outline:

To create an e-commerce store to sell products directly to customers in and around the Fylde Coast who struggle to or are unable to go to the shops themselves.

There are over 4,500+ products that all need adding with their own pages, these need to be categorised and main level images created. These will be in addition to the normal pages you would expect to find on a website and further adjustments may be required.

The design needs to be clear, easily readable and relatively straightforward to navigate because many of the customers using it may be unfamiliar with other online shopping platforms.

Preferably the colours will enhance the brand and should be based upon our existing orange branding. All social media connections need to be available throughout the site.

We would like to be able to offer local businesses the opportunity to advertise with us, placing a directory listing of their store along with the ability to add some of their own products should they choose to do so.

Additionally, we would like to add some advertising space so that the local business that sign up with us have the ability to purchase it to promote their own businesses.

We will also need a direct mailshot solution for our growing client base to keep everyone updated by newsletter.

Training will be required for our staff to ensure the regular upkeep of every day tasks such as order processing, adding new products and stores etc.

Content Includes:


Click 2 Shop it Local Homepage - Halloween Style

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customer feedback

“Outstanding service ! One to one professional guidance and quality service, always on hand when needed. Fantastic service and support and we continue to grow from strength to strength! This guy is a wizard! – we ask for something and boom! it’s done :)”

– Sean Ryan – Owner

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