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Cuckoo Designs create beautiful, unique items of furniture by hand painting loved or treasured pieces to suit their customer designs.

Project Outline:

I’m looking for a website that will reflect the uniqueness of my work. Every piece I paint has a different selection of colours and styles and I don’t want to be typecast as preferring one or the other. I enjoy them all!

Along with the homepage (that should connect everything together), I’ll need some additional pages that will include a gallery of my previous and new work moving forward.

I have a Facebook account and Instagram which will need to be connected and I’m exploring creating some videos and storing them on a new YouTube channel.

In the future I want to be able to sell items and link my YouTube videos directly on my website. I’ll also need customers to be able to get in touch with me and I’d like to have an email address using my website URL.

Content Includes:


Cuckoo Designs Homepage


Cuckoo Designs About


Cuckoo Designs Contact

image Gallery

Cuckoo Designs Gallery


Cuckoo Designs Portfolio


Cuckoo Designs Product

customer feedback

“Simon has been working and developing a, Web site for me over the last couple of months, to my deadline of October 1st and yippee its now live. Simon is so patient and willing to assist when I’m not sure what to do or how to do it. His service and work is 100% worth every penny. Even his encouragement as this is a new(ish) venture going out to the world with my furniture design business. I would recommend Norman Luke to anyone who is looking to have a website built. Many thanks Lorraine”

– Lorraine Barson – Owner

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