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PREVIEW – About Fylde Auto Rescue

Fylde Auto Rescue offer mobile mechanic services at the roadside and at their dedicated workshops. Services include vehicle repairs, general servicing and all mechanical aspects of cars, commercial vehicles and farm or plant machinery.


Link: fyldeautorescue.co.uk

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Project Outline:

We need a website to promote our business. We have nothing in the way of any company branding or anything like that so would like you to create something that we can use moving forward.

We like red and blue colours and I’ll send you some sample images of logo’s that include them, I think it would be good to have these colours for our site.

It’s nothing super big that we want, just something simple enough that clearly explains the different types of jobs that we do with the ability for people to get in touch with us too.

We don’t have any social media things yet, they may come in the future but for now a website is enough to get us going.

Content Includes:


Fylde Auto Rescue - Home


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contact forms

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customer feedback

“This is mint! – Wow, that’s more impressive than we ever could have imagined! Really excited about launching the new business.”

– Nick – Fylde Auto Rescue

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