Our Vanscapades

Our Vanscapades.com - Home
Our Vanscapades.com – Home

About Our Vanscapades

Lynn and Michael decided the week before the UK lockdown of 2020 to take the plunge and reset their lives by taking 12 months out in a van.

Link: ourvanscapades.com

Project Outline:

We want a simple website that we can use to keep all of our upcoming memories of our forthcoming adventure around the country in our new van Ivy.

Blog facilities are essential and we’d like to link it to our social media accounts to keep all our family and friends updated.

We’ll be offering our services whilst we’re away and we’d like to keep a note of all the resources and goodies we pick up along the way so we need some pages to add these.

Content Includes:


Our Vanscapades.com - Home
Our Vanscapades.com – Home


Our Vanscapades.com - Blog
Our Vanscapades.com – Blog


Our Vanscapades.com - Resources
Our Vanscapades.com – Resources


Our Vanscapades.com - Services
Our Vanscapades.com – Services

“It’s just what we was looking for. We love the colours and we can’t wait to start updating everything. Watch this space!”

Lynn and Michael – Explorers