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The Business Transformer Responsive Web Design Project
The Business Transformer Responsive Web Design Project

About the Business Transformer

The Business Transformer helps start-up entrepreneurs that are stuck without a solution and businesses that are looking to grow but need a little direction.

Project Outline:

To create a website that represents the new updated company branding.  We need the ability to create additional pages in a simplified format without any coding experience ourselves.

We’d like these stored in a Content Management System (CMS) and our existing content from our previous website transferring over.

Our current Acuity appointment booking system suits our purpose so needs to be  integrated along with all of our social media connections which are very important.

We would like the ability to add blog posts in the future, preferably as easily as adding pages like above.

The colour purple is personally very important and should be a prominent feature of the design.

Website Design and Branding

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Graphic Design and Image Optimisation

Content Creation and Copy Writing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Social Media and Appointment Integrations

Content includes:

Home Page

Business Consultancy


Amazing website designer, really chuffed with what he produced for me.
Michael Kearney - The Business Transformer
Michael Kearney
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