Treedrum - Gongholistic Website Design
Treedrum - Gongholistic Website Design

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Treedrum – Gongholistic offer sound healing journeys and drumming workshops from Craig Winterburn, an IPHM Approved Holistic Therapist in Manchester

Project Outline:

I’m looking to update my existing WordPress site which is currently not responsive at all so it’s important it works on mobiles aswell as computers.

I’d like to stay with WordPress as I’m familiar with how it all works and it’ll save me learning something different.

Can you move everything over that is currently there?

I’ve got lots of images and you’ll probably need to spend some time on them because they’ve come straight from my phone and cameras.  I didn’t really think about how large they actually are.

It’s probably best if you can display them all together.

Any chance i could have a video at the top?

I also really need something for the events I go to, not just the festivals but i’d like people to be able to buy tickets for the ones that I run locally.

Currently getting charged a pretty penny or two for each transaction and I’d rather the full money goes in my bank than theirs.

I also fancy a golden effect, something that looks a bit like the gongs I use.  Let me know what you think and I’ll see how much I can afford.

Website Design and Branding

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Events Booking System

Graphic Design and Image Optimisation

Video and Carousel Headers

Content Creation and Copy Writing

Gallery and Image Lightbox

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Content includes:

Home Page

Events Booking System

Event Pages


Gong Baths

Drum Re-skinning

Blown away! I am speechless mate. Truly fabulous and I can't wait to start showing it to everyone. You've really done me proud. Thank you.
Craig Winterburn - Treedrum
Craig Winterburn
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