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How does competitor analysis help my SEO?

It’s an important step in any business is to gain an understanding of who your competitors are and how well or poorly they are positioned in the marketplace in relation to you.

The same principles apply with search engine optimisation and having a detailed competitor analysis will provide you with information that shows what your competitors are doing, where they are ranking and the opportunities or paths available in order to rank higher than them.

Competitor Analysis for SEO

Our Approach to your Competitor Analysis

We always approach competitor analysis in the same way, we analyse you first and then your major competitors. This gives information about the keywords that rank well in your industry and the ones that your competition is ranking for. It will also help us discover which content marketing and link building strategies to follow so that we can help you overtake them in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).

Some useful free tools are provided by Google’s Digital Marketing Toolbox.

Identifying your Competitors

In search engine optimisation, your competitors will include any business or individual that targets the same audience as you – you’ll probably already know who your main ones are and a quick Google search will identify them.

Additionally, you can ask your customers who else they have considered and once we’ve identified who they are, we can look at how they present themselves online by analysing their content, traffic, keywords and backlinks to build a strategy aimed at improving your SEO rankings.

It’s highly likely that your competitors are using some of the same keywords as you, they may also be using other keywords that you might not have considered or perhaps chosen to ignore. We’ll provide a complete list of suggestions so that you can make informed decision if any will be useful.

Essentially, we’re looking at which competitors are outperforming you and what techniques they’re using so we can understand what we need to do to surpass them.

Understanding your competitors

A full competitor analysis will reveal how your competition get the positions they rank for. Using this information, we can see where their traffic comes from; what content marketing techniques they use and any gaps in their strategy that we can target.

Every industry is different and search engine optimisation isn’t as black and white as you may expect. SEO competitor research will help us discover which tactics work in your industry and point us in the right direction to improve your keyword ranking to move you above your competition.

Keyword Analysis

During our competitive analysis we’ll take a deeper look at the keywords you use, the ones your competitors use and the ones that show potential. We’ll provide a list of the keywords your competitors are ranking for along with the estimated volumes that should be expected.

Keyword volumes estimate how much traffic you can get when targeting them.

It’s completely likely that you already rank for some of these keywords. If not, we can help with content marketing and link building throughout your website to build a ranking profile for each. If you’re already ranking, we can strengthen your content by adding contextual content and backlinks that will improve your existing rank and your domain authority.

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