Competitor Analysis for your SEO

How will analysing my competitors websites help with my SEO?

A detailed competitor analysis is vital for planning your search engine optimisation strategy.

Once we understand who your main competitors are, and how well or poorly they are positioned, we’ll have a better understanding of what we should do when optimising your site.

Our Approach to your Competitive Analysis

We always approach competitive analysis through the eyes of our customers. We want you to rank higher than your competitors and to do this, we need to establish who your main competitors are and what keywords they’re ranking for. With this information we can then identify and plan what content marketing and link building strategies will help you overtake them in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs).

Identifying your Competitors

For our purposes, your competitors include businesses or individuals who target the same audience as you. You’ll probably know who your main ones are and if you don’t, a Google search can identify them or you can talk with your customers for additional insights. Once we’ve identified who they are, we can start to analyse their content, traffic, focused keywords and backlinks.

There’s a good possibility that your competitors are using the same keywords as you and they may be using some of the techniques we use to outrank you. By researching their ranking keywords and identifying the high authority backlinks they have, we can put together an SEO strategy for your success.

Understanding your competitors

Competitive analysis helps reveal how your competition get their positions in the search engine rankings. Using this data we can see their traffic sources, content and any gaps in your competitor’s strategy that we can target.

SEO competitor analysis (also known as competitor research) helps us decide which tactics are working in your industry and it enables us to decide which direction we should take to improve your keyword rankings, along with what tools or resources we need to utilise so we can outperform them.

Keyword Analysis

An important aspect of any competitive analysis for SEO is looking deeper into useful keyword. During this phase, we’ll analyse the keywords that your competitors are ranking for as well as how competitive those keywords are and the volumes expected.

Keyword volumes are important as they will help estimate how much traffic you can get if you target them.

You may already be ranking for some of your customer’s keywords. If not, we can help with your content marketing for your website to help you begin to rank and build backlinks as part of the process. If you’re already ranking, we can strengthen your content by adding contextual backlinks to improve your existing ranking.

Work With us

Our goal is to get you the prospective customers that are searching for your business and services. You don’t want to lose them because your website ranks lower on the search engine results pages, do you?

If you want to understand how your competitors rank higher in Google, get in touch and we’ll help you plan how to grow your online presence and become an authority leader.

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