Using Content Marketing to improve your SEO

What is content marketing?

One of the main aspects of Search Engine Optimisation is producing and distributing great content. Having great quality content both on your site, and on the sites that link to you, will increase your search engine rankings. Equally, having poor content or links from sites that are considered to be high risk can do the exact opposite.

The quality of your content really matters

The algorithms that search engines use are very sophisticated and have come a long way since their inception. They can detect content that is written for the sole purpose of boosting traffic and search engines can penalise websites that they consider have used deviant tactics. Equally, poor content can also damage the reputation of your website, brand and business just like it does in the offline world. Duplicating material and unnecessary content can also prevent you from reaching your true ranking potential.

If you think you may have been penalised for previous content and need some assistance, our Google Penalty Removal service may help.

Our Content Marketing Service

There lots of ways to approach content marketing. We focus on two particular areas that will help push your site up the Google search rankings, these are content creation and content distribution.

Content CreationContent Distribution

Content Creation for SEO

All the content we create is professionally written to deliver consistent and quality copy for use online and offline within your business. Our focus is to create content that is easy to read and will have a beneficial impact on your organic search engine results.

So how do we do this?

We use keyword analysis to determine which are the best keywords that will help drive traffic to your website. From this, we create compelling long form content designed to engage both your customers and the search engines.

Once complete, your new content is ready to use on your website, on other online resources that you distribute to, or you can use it in your published material.

Content Distribution for SEO

If the content is being distributed, we can discover which are the best distribution channels for you based on your budget, industry and target customer base. Our focus is to get your new content indexed by Google and Bing so that we can gain high quality links back to your website and increase the quality and quantity of your incoming traffic.

The distribution could be to:

  • an industry blog
  • a press release
  • a social media platform, or
  • an online publication.

When Google and Bing discover your new content and, importantly the link that points back to your website, it will be seen positively and will help to increase your position with the search engine.

Relevant and Quality content is key

In order to be successful with this SEO work, the quality and relevance of the content needs to add value to the overall content that you already provide on your website.

Work With us

Content marketing should be a strong focus within your SEO and link building strategy, producing and distributing great quality content will make a real impact on your search engine rankings and SEO campaigns.

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