Using Content Marketing to improve your SEO page icon Using Content Marketing to improve your SEO

What is Content Marketing?

With SEO being so competitive, Content Marketing is one of the main assets that should be used in your Search Engine Optimisation toolkit.

Having great quality content on your site and those that link to you will boost your search engine rankings in Google.

Content Marketing in Preston & Blackpool

#1 Rule – Create quality content

Theses days, the algorithms that search engines use are very sophisticated and can detect content that is written for the sole purpose of boosting traffic. If the search engines consider that your content falls into this category it may incur a penalty and your rankings will be negatively affected.

If you think you’ve been penalised by Google and need some assistance, our Google Penalty Removal can help.

Similarly, poor content, and even duplicated or unnecessary content can also hold you back from reaching your ranking potential which makes maintaining a standard of quality really important.

Google have some free resources that can start you on your way to Creating outstanding website content

Our Content Marketing Service

Content Marketing is not just creating and distributing quality content and there are lots of ways to approach it. We focus on two particular areas that will help raise your site profile in the search rankings, these are:

  • Content Creation, and
  • Content Distribution.

Content Creation for SEO

All the content we create in a Content Marketing campaign is professionally written by established Copywriters. We aim to deliver consistent, quality copy that you can use both online and offline and our focus is to create content that is easy to read by your end user whilst providing a beneficial impact on your organic search engine results.

So how do we do this?

We use keyword analysis to determine the main keywords to use that to provide optimal results and drive traffic to your website. Using these, we create compelling long form content that engages your audience and is accepted well by the search engines.

Content Distribution for SEO

If the created content is being distributed, we’ll discover the best distribution channels based on your budget, industry and target audience and propose a strategy to move forward with.

Our focus is always to get this new content indexed by Google and Bing so that it can start gaining high quality links back to your website, this in turn will increase the quality and quantity of your incoming traffic, sales and enquiries.

Distribution channels could be:

  • an industry blog
  • a news related press release
  • a social media platform, or
  • an online publication.

When Google, Bing and other search engines discover your new content on these high authority domains with a link back to your site, it will be seen positively and will help to increase your position within the search engine results.

The importance of Relevant and Quality content

In order to be successful with this SEO work, the quality and relevance of the content needs to add value to the overall content that you already provide on your website.

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