Quick Recovery from a Google Penalty in 2020 page icon Quick Recovery from a Google Penalty in 2020

Do you think you’ve been hit with a Google Penalty?

Have you noticed a drop off in your website visits? Are your keywords not ranking like they did before? Have you been removed from Google search index completely?

If so, it may be because Google have hit you with a penalty that is affecting your search results.

Google Penalty Removal

If you have, don’t worry: We can help you recover

If your Google rankings have disappeared or started dropping without cause then you need to fix it now. A Google penalty can have long term effects that will impact any search engine optimisation efforts now and in the future.

Google regularly update their algorithms and have been giving manual penalties for years. The purpose is to fight against unscrupulous black hat link building techniques that go directly against their search engine guidelines. Some of these include:

  • Cloaking – hiding content from user views whilst showing it to the search engines.
  • Injecting hidden links into a website not owned by you through exploiting security flaws.
  • Hiding text on pages shown to the search engines only and not generally viewable by users, typically these would contain keywords that were desirable for ranking.

Take a look at Google’s Guidelines for representing your business to see the latest about your My Business page or take a look at Google Search Central for a more complete overview.

What Causes a Google Penalty?

Penalties can be enforced for many reasons. Frequently we see them originating from link schemes through low quality websites, spammy forums and even in blog post comments.

Often the owner is completely unaware they have something going wrong until it’s too late and the idea of getting an influx of traffic from a link directory seems appealing until you discover that it’s actually harming your website. It’s quite likely that if you have one of these, you’ll have more too.

Additionally, if you provide a poor or substandard user experience for your audience it can also be enough of a reason for Google to apply a penalty.

When Google finds an issue with your site, or the backlinks that point to it, they’ll impose the penalty and it will be one of these:

Manual Penalty: A manual penalty occurs when someone from Google has reviewed your site and decided that it’s violating the Google Guidelines.

Algorithmic Penalty: An algorithmic penalty is one that devalues your site by automatically triggering Google’s safeguarding measures.

If you have a penalised website, get in touch and we can help.

How do you remove Google Penalties?

These are the usual ways we deal with removing Google penalties:

  1. First, we’ll check your website for any obvious problems, checking your keyword density and looking for any evidence of cloaking, duplicate content in your on-page content, page titles and headers.
  2. Next, we’ll review your backlink profile to identify which sites are negatively impacting on your rankings. These can either be closed down on your behalf by contacting the site owners or disavowing the links directly with Google.
  3. Most penalties tend to be algorithmic but if it is a manual one, we can help you submit a reconsideration request to Google when the issues are fixed to help you get your site reinstated.

It’s important to remember that these measures are in place for a reason and if you work to correct your issues then Google will accept it. Leaving it alone should never be an option because the impact on your organic search visibility and traffic can be devastating.

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