How to Recover from a Google Penalty

Do you think you’ve been penalised by Google?

Have you seen a major drop off in visits to your website? Are you no longer ranking for keywords that you used to rank for before? Have you fallen off the Google index completely? If so, you may have been given a Google penalty.

If you have, don’t worry: We can help you recover

If your rankings have started to fall or have disappeared completely then act now. These penalties can be disastrous to your business and any future search engine optimisation efforts you make now and in the future.

Google has been giving manual penalties for years, they’re aimed at combatting black hat link building techniques that directly violate search engine guidelines. Some of these include:

  • Cloaking – showing content to the search engines that differs from what you show to users.
  • Injecting hidden links into a website you do not own by exploiting security flaws.
  • Hidden text on pages that are only shown to the search engines and not users, typically these were full of keywords that you wanted to rank for.

What Causes a Google Penalty?

Penalties can come from links through low quality private blog networks, spammy forums, untrusted link directories and even from blog comments. It’s likely that if you have one, you have more too.

In addition, providing poor, substandard user experiences for your audience can also be enough of a reason for Google to penalise your website. This could include outdated practices that you may be unaware exist on your site. These may included keyword stuffing, cloaking, computer generated content, hiding of text or spam from your site.

When Google finds an issue with your site or your backlink profile, they’ll take action against you. It will be one of the following:

Manual Penalty: This occurs when someone from Google has manually reviewed your site and decided that it’s breached one or more of their guidelines.

Algorthimic Penalty: This is where your site has triggered one of Google’s safeguards that are built into their algorithm and it has automatically devalued your site.

How do you remove Google Penalties?

These are the common methods we follow when it comes to removing Google penalties:

  1. First, we’ll investigate your website for any obvious problems, taking in considerations including keyword density, cloaking, duplicate content and over-optimisation of both on-page content, page titles and headers.
  2. Next, we’ll research your backlink profile and identify any that are negatively affecting your ranking. We can close these down by either contacting the site owners on your behalf or disavowing the links.
  3. If necessary, we’ll work with you to submit a reconsideration request to Google and get your site reinstated. Thankfully, this is only needed if your penalty is a manual one, which is quite unusual as most are algortithmic.

The consequences of receiving a manual penalty can be devastating due to the loss of your organic search visibility, traffic, and revenue. If you’re worried, get in touch with us.

Work With us

If you’re not sure if your site has had a penalty and of what type, or would like to understand if you’re at risk because of your link profile, get in touch to discuss your options.

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