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What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of acquiring links (or backlinks) from other websites to yours and is used in Search Engine Optimisation.

We provide Link Building services for small to medium sized businesses in and around Preston & Blackpool in Lancashire.

Link Building for SEO in Preston & Blackpool

Link are one of the top three most important ranking factors that search engines use to determine your website ranking in SEO. Link building works by increasing the number of high-quality links that are pointing towards your website. Improving these will increase your chances of ranking highly on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

These links tell the search engines that your site is a quality resource and should be worthy of inclusion within its search result pages. Therefore, sites with more backlinks normally have higher rankings.

Natural Link Building

Building links can either be done correctly or poorly. The correct way is to gain natural links that are contextual from high quality websites and the wrong way is to buy or swap backlinks with directories or other websites that bear no relationship at all. If your long-term SEO is important to you then natural link building is the only thing you should consider.

Natural link building is not easy and the results are rarely seen quickly. It takes time and commitment to the end goal and whilst the results aren’t always guaranteed, there are some measures that can be taken to increase the likelihood of a positive impact. For example: search engines will consider the authority of the website that is linking. If it’s a high authority, it will most probably have a positive effect, whereas if it’s a low authority, it’s more likely to have a negative effect.

Our Approach to Link Building

Our link building services concentrate on providing high quality contextual links back to the pages on your site from other high authority sites on the internet. Focusing on this type of link will only increase the authority of your site and as such your rank in Google.

The process works as follows:

  • We contact relevant, high authority sites that we discover in competitor analysis or those that we have experience working with,
  • We use established Copywriters to publish quality articles about your particular products or services
  • We place these articles on high quality websites with a natural link back to yours

Our link building is effective because we focus on growing the trust and authority of your website by using high quality content and contextual backlinks from other high authority websites.

Bespoke Link Building for your Brand

Every campaign is different, what works in one industry doesn’t always in another. As such, we begin by using proven link building techniques in each campaign and develop them to suit the individual customer.

With this flexible process we’re able to develop high quality natural backlinks and offer high quality servcies that provide long term and sustainable results.

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