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Keeping hold of your SEO when you migrate

Website migration can seem like a daunting prospect, especially when you have a huge amount of content to move.

Migrating can offer huge benefits and when done correctly you’ll also preserve your organic Google rankings.

Website Migration

Correctly implementing a website migration isn’t always straightforward but it is essential to consider the effect a migration will have on your organic traffic, you want your customer’s to have a seamless transition and maintain all the search engine optimisation work already undertaken.

Making a major change to your website often comes from the need to change servers or domain names, perhaps you need a different hosting company or you might be migrating to a different content management system, such as WordPress. Transferring your old site SEO to your new site will ensure that your move doesn’t negatively impact your rankings and traffic.

We follow all Google guidance to make sure that your website migration goes without any issues.

Zero Loss in Search Rankings during your website migration

Following best practices, a website migration that considers the SEO impact should lead to an increase in your organic traffic and improve your overall rankings in the search engines.

We’ve helped a few small to medium sized companies with their website migrations in the past with no loss to their search rankings. Regardless of the size of your company, we can help you maintain a zero loss with your website migration.

Of course, switching your website does come with challenges and with our primary goal of a zero loss in your SEO rankings, we’ll look to overcome a number of hurdles outlined below during the process of preserving your organic Google rankings.

The Planning Stage

Planning is key to avoid SEO problems arising from your site migration. As systems administrators and developers we understand the difficulties that can be expected during the changeover. We plan the timescale meticulously, dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s to make sure that the transition does not impact on your existing website traffic.

First, we’ll outline the goals of the migration and present a strategy on how we will achieve each. We’ll conduct a full review of your site explaining what is changing and updating including any content requirements such as mapping the URLs and determining any redirects.

As a final element of the pre-migration stage, we’ll run a diagnostic on how well your site is currently performing so that we can compare it as a benchmark against the migration once it’s complete.

During and after the website SEO migration

Throughout the migration, we’ll be on hand to help with any technical issues that may arise.

Once the website migration is complete, we’ll check that there are no indexing or crawl errors and run another diagnostic on the new system for comparison purposes. We’ll monitor everything over the next few weeks including you organic traffic and Google position to make sure that there are no drops in your SEO performance. If anything unexpected does occur then we’ll address it immediately.

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