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Need a new website?

Need a new website designing?

We specialise in website design and repair for businesses, charities and organisations in and around Lancashire.

If you’re just starting out, we’ll design the perfect website that enhances your brand and connects you with your target audience.

Website re-design?

Do you have an existing website that's in need of some attention? Find out how we can help.

You're in the right place

We design Websites!

We specialise in delivering mobile ready website designs that work for you, increasing your leads, spreading your brand and growing your business.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Over half of web page views are now displayed on handheld devices.”

It’s a simple point used to illustrate the consistent pattern that has been emerging throughout recent years.

Highlighting the importance of having a mobile ready website and a driving reason why we focus on making your new website look great on mobiles and tablets along with desktops and laptops.

mobile friendly website design
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your website

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we'll help you select the right tools for your project

Flexible and easy to use

Bespoke Design

Tailored for you

Responsive Design

Mobile Friendly

SEO Optimised

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Connect with your customers


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Sell online

YOUR WEBSITE looks great!

Are you getting the hits?
Are you getting the hits?
Are you getting the hits?

...but is it getting hits?

A beautifully designed website is useless without users viewing it and visits that come from organic search engine results are the most likely to lead to sales.

We optimise every page of your website to keywords that are specific to your business so you have the best chance of ranking higher.

We do this by finding the keywords most relevant to your business that are driving traffic and build your content around these.

our 4 stages to success

The Journey begins

The key to any great project begins with great planning and we treat every project, small or large in the same way, always going that extra mile, researching and planning in order to achieve your goals.

Focussed on Conversion

Once visitors land on your website, it’s important to convert them into customers. Guiding visitors to follow your calls to action is what really matters here.

Maintaining a clean, modern and bespoke design through every project, we build your website around your specific calls to action to maximise your lead generation or sales.

No piece of written copy, image or website element is overlooked.

We follow a four stage process to complete this:

Focussed on conversions


Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3

Test & Launch

Stage 4

stage 1


We’ll begin with a thorough consultation so we can get to know you, your ambitions and your goals.

We’ll work closely with you throughout this stage and based on your choices we may present images of the new website designs for approval before proceeding with the coding.

If you already have a website, we’ll discuss what’s working and what’s not and if you’re not performing well in search engines we can run a full audit to find out why and use keyword research to create new content that gives better results.

stage 2


This is where the glorious coding magic happens and your new site will be created on our test server. 

If you have a bespoke design the graphical elements from your approved design will be coded into your new website and a pdf of the digital version will be sent for your approval.

We’ll host your new website on one of our test servers during development and we can provide you with a link so you can view it’s progress.

Please remember this is a development server and if you need some help securing a live server we can help you, just ask.

stage 3


Once the design is complete, it’s time to move onto populating the setup data and configuring it for release to you.

If you need assistance copying previous data or adding new content we are happy to help.  We can perform a full audit of your existing site and quote for ongoing work if you require.

stage 4

Test & launch

Once the design is complete and your new website has information within it we’ll perform comprehensive testing to ensure that everything is working correctly before publishing it to the domain of your choice.  

If you have chosen search optimisation it will be completed at this point and if you need assistance sourcing a domain name or hosting.  Please ask as we have lots of valuable experience.

Post Launch Support

Managed or supported

Hosting solutions

Once your website is ready to go live, we can provide a list of suitable hosting solutions or we can arrange the storage on your behalf with one of our specialist partners.


Support service

Once your website is live we can set up a monthly support package which includes general and technical updates to keep your site performing at it’s best, these include:

  • Website speed optimisation
  • Technical support
  • Training, consultancy or advice
  • Website maintenance
ongoing flexible support by

Monthly Retainer

We can also provide any ongoing development or additional SEO work through an ongoing monthly retainer.

These retainers are cost-effective and offer a lower hourly rate than any ad hoc change requests.

Any unused hours are rolled over to the next month.

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