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Mobile Friendly Website Design

Mobile Friendly Website Designs

“Over half of web page views are now displayed on handheld devices.”

It’s more important than ever that your website looks great on all devices, which is why every website we design is fully optimised to display beautifully on your target audience’s device of choice.

Desktop computers


Handheld tablets, and

Mobile phones

Live examples

Take a look at some of our recent work or view some of our sample websites to see how they look on different devices, they are all designed with the same principles in mind and work beautifully on whichever device you prefer.


Website design is a wonderful creative process, the possibilities to create something completely unique are endless and the only real limitations are when you factor in best practices for providing a great user experience (UX).​

Why is UX so important?

Imagine a poorly designed website that you may have visited recently. You know the ones, they seem to go above and beyond to make it difficult for you to find what you’re looking for, and when you do it becomes increasingly frustrating to the point where you just quit.

Chances are that you only visited that site once and probably avoid it in the search engine listings now.

Keep it familiar

A great user experience works to satisfy your visitors so they have a positive reaction to you and your information.

Happy visitors are far more likely to share and recommend your information to family, friends and colleagues.

There are still plenty of ways that you can make a website your own and this selection of articles can help you make your mind up with some of the basics:

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page title icon Website Basics

Basic Styles

Boxes and Shapes

Choosing the right borders and shapes will reflect your brand and set a tone for your website.

Borders & Shapes


Choosing the right font

Your website will contain a lot of text so choosing the right font to match your brand is important.


Brand Colours

Making your brand pop!

If you need help choosing your brand colours we have some useful links that can guide you here.

Brand Colours

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Working with Norman Luke

With so many possibilities, we find it best to get to know you and your business before any coding begins.

Every project is different and we tailor our service to each customer, more often than not these four stages will be included at some point:

1 – Getting to know you

The Journey begins

This is usually an informal chat to find out if we’re going to be the right choice for each other. It’s important to us that our relationship works both ways and that you’ll feel comfortable talking with us as much as we will with you.

Topics covered tend to focus on what your goals and ambitions are, what timeframes are being considered, the budget set aside for the project and the features that will need to be brought together to accomplish the task.

2 – Planning & Design

Planning and design

Before we put anything into code we’ll set a schedule in place to ensure that we meet your expectations and the final product will be perfect.

The planning schedule will also highlight what information we’ll need from you, including when it will need to be submitted and the various ways and methods you can use to get it here.

3 – Building & Testing

Maintaining and supporting

Your new site will developed and tested on our own managed servers. Access will be provided so you can monitor the progress and when you’re happy to, we’ll push the live version onto our managed hosting services or transfer it to your preferred hosting provider.

4 – Promote & Maintain

Promoting your website

Now it’s time to start shouting about your new site, driving streams of engaged visitors from your opening campaign. As your business grows, we can update your marketing strategy at any time so you get the best return from your investment.

If this all sounds great to you, get in touch and let’s create something amazing!

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